Fertility Acupuncturist

Emiko Kanematsu R.Ac & R.TCMP
Fertility Aids

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Recommended Fertility Products

Audio relaxation programs for natural conception, IVF, IUI, FET, PCOS, healthy pregnancy and more.

I play these relaxation programs from Circle and Bloom during acupuncture sessions for fertility and pregnancy support. The majority of my patients prefer them over relaxation music. 

There is a strong connection between body and mind. In a stressful life the mind tends to affect the body in a negative way and we all know that stress decreases fertility. On the other hand, the mind can be used to powerfully affect the body in a positive way. I believe the Circle + Bloom Mind-Body Programs for Fertility Enhancement can be of great help as you go though your fertility journey. 

You may want to check out what kind of products Circle and Bloom offers. They also give away a free relaxation audio program (mp3 download)! You can click here or the icon on the left to check out their website. 
Fertility Yoga

I have personally been practicing yoga seriously and I can't think of my life without yoga. It's very interesting for me to think about connections between the channel theory of acupuncture and the muscles that are stretched and stimulated in yoga poses. So you can do your own treatment that is kind of (yes, kind of...) similar to acupuncture every day at home! Depending on the yoga style, you can also incorporate acupressure into your poses. 

Regular cardio type exercises are important for promoting the blood circulation of the whole body as well as the reproductive organs. If your yoga practice is not a type of yoga that can make you sweat and pant (don't pant but breathe!) such as vinyasa flow, power yoga, etc., you should do regular cardio exercises in addition to your yoga.

What makes yoga different from other exercises is the breathing! While you are holding a tough pose your breath becomes faster and your heartbeat goes up which means your sympathetic nervous system has been triggered (fight-or-flight response). Then, by breathing deeply and slowly you trigger your parasympathetic nervous system, which calms you down. I believe this can help develop the healthy parasympathetic dominance which is crucial for our healthy life as well as fertility! There is no other exercise that also calms you down like yoga. You can also do breathing exercises every day to help calm you, especially if you are a overthinking, worrying, or anxious person. 

If you would like to try yoga to promote fertility, I have a particular recommendation for my patients. 

Fertility Yoga Video (only my existing patients)